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What was reviewed?

In the review of the MMP voting system, there were some issues that had to be considered, some that could be considered, and some that could not be considered. These issues were decided by Parliament as part of the Electoral Referendum Act passed in 2010.

The Act said the review must include:

  • the thresholds for the allocation of list seats,
  • list members contesting by-elections,
  • the rules allowing candidates to both contest an electorate and be on a party list,
  • the rules for ordering candidates on party lists,
  • the effect of a party winning more electorate seats than its party vote share entitles it to,
  • the effects of the ratio of electorate seats to list seats on proportionality in certain circumstances, and
  • other matters referred to the Commission by the Minister of Justice or Parliament.

Other issues raised by the public during the review could also be considered. Parliament excluded two matters from the review – Māori representation and the number of members of Parliament.

The material contained in this section can be downloaded as separate fact sheets from the Resources page.